Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If we had realised it was Friday 13th May we may never have ventured to Tribidado.
Sir Prancelot was waiting on tables and breakfast was not up to scratch. Leaving the hotel Gertrude was a little confused, subdued even. She didn't rush at every green man and never questioned why we took the metro at Fontana instead of the FCG at Gracia.
We admired a ladies floral pantaloons and as she and every other passenger got off the metro it dawned on Gertrude that perhaps we should have got off at that stop too. Much deliberation and consulting of maps we got off the next stop. Made sure we were on the correct platform to return to Penentants stop (apt we thought for our misdemeanors), three hail mary's later....
We slowly ambled up hill, then down hill, then up and so on and so on until we eventually asked a German tourist for directions. they pointed us back up hill a short walk they said. We decided to go in the opposite direction and found a local bus which would take us to the funicular.
Spectacular is the only way to describe the view. We could see the beach, Familiar de segrada, twin towers and pyranees. It felt like we were on top of the world. Our only gripe, why oh why had they built an amusement park right beside it! We stopped for a coffee and bumped into Freddy Star/Bobby Davro. We thought it rude to check as they both look so similiar.
Refreshed we bagan to climb the many steps to the church. There was an option to get even higher. For 2 euros we could take the lift to the brassilica and once round the brasillica we could climb the stairs yet again to a higher height of 518.5 meters, we were looking down at the pyranees. Indeed we could see Glorias house in the distance.

Being on top of the world brought on a bit of altitude sickness and we became very giddy.


 Having reached the feet of Jesus we could go no further. We had a need to be on terra firma or tribby-dibby-dado. The descent was slightly more tricky, a kind of abseil down the outside of the steeple, and had to be manoeuvered with precise action. First Gertrude, sliding down on her behind, then Bertha tentatively taking each step with caution. On reaching the bottom we rewarded ourselves with an icecream.

A siesta was definiately called for. We safely made it back to the hotel and fell into a deep sleep. what a fandabbydozy, tribby-dibby-dado day.
Is a funicular so called as it is fun to ride.
Is abseiling down the outside of a church considered an extreme sport, if so would our holiday insurance have covered  us!
518.5 meters, who measured it!

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