Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Beach

Normal service was resumed at breakfast this morning. We opted for a slower pace and headed for the Picasso museum. We sauntered through the streets adjacent to Rambla's. Narrowly missing a local protest we stopped for coffee. Picasso is such an inspiration, not every ones taste I know. He learnt from an early age the 4 most important aspects for drawing are: line, space, volume and perspective. This is exactly what Gertrude had read in the book she is currently reading, Drawing on the right side of the brain.
Continuing our leisurely pace we meandered towards the beach. Stopping for an ice-cream watching the world go by. A Band set up in front of us. To our surprise, playing the double bass was Dave Lee Travis. The audience swelled and we were joined by the golden girls who fought for the best seat with the Beverly sisters and won. A very entertaining stop.
As we promenaded to the beach we dodged cyclists, skateboarders, rollerskaters and rikshaws. Stopped to watch the ladies only volley ball and averted our eyes at the site of the man in floral speedo's.

As we continued our way to Joan Miro Parc we happened upon a photoshoot, possibly video, involving a scantily clad glamour model. There was quite a crowd gathering so we swiftly moved on.
The park was laid out with palm trees and parrots were flying above our head. We stumbled across some locals playing a games similiar to boules but involving half coconut shaped wooden tossers and skittle like stumps to be knocked down. Bertha found out it was called Bollo's (anyone wishing to know the rules of the game conact me. I will be only to happy to bring this complicated game to Britain) Leaving the park and heading towards montjuic fountain for the music, light, water display we passed a group of young men practising Cumberland wrestling.
The twin towers, the entrance for the fountain was closed due to an exhibition. The security guard was most unhelpful to us, however he did give directions to a small group of Russians that had the good manners to ask in Spanish. On observing this Gertrude suggested to Bertha 'lets follow the Russians'. The Americans, who also hadn't attempted to ask in Spanish, had the same idea, then decided they would visit another day. Bertha wasn't as enthusiastic as Gertrude to follow quite so closely, so to avoid an international incident we dropped back but kept them in eyesight so we didn't get lost.

It was quite a climb to the top, even with the aid of an escalator and once we reached the top, Bertha decided the best view would be from the bottom. We spent the best part of an hour debating whether we would get wet or not. Then promptly on the hour it began. It was a musical, light and water extravaganza, not unsimiliar to Alnwick Gardens.

We topped the evening by eating out at the restaurant 2 doors away from our hotel. We dined on veal and truffles and steak and exotic fruit and chocolate.
Another fine day.
Barcelona has a varied choice of mode of transport to choose from. We opted not to to attempt the electric 2 wheeled scooters!

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