Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nearing the end

Our journey to the Metro station involved a minor incident. On remembering that Gertrude had possibly forgot her ticket, she rested her bag on a moped to look for it. In the process setting the alarm off. She became the centre of attention and not in a good way. Apologising profusely, they returned to the hotel to find the ticket.

Today we were going to have a gentle day taking in a spot of window shopping. Gertrude purchased some fashionable Barcelonian pantaloons. Bertha causing quite a stir contemplating the belly dancing outfit.

Stopping for refreshments we sat on the fringe of a political protest against cuts in the civil service how apt we thought. We tagged along for a while, noting Cilla Black and Ronnie Corbett crossing the road!

Stopping for lunch, everywhere was terribly busy. The waiter identified a table becoming free and asked us to wait until it was cleared. While waiting two ladies, as quick as jack flash, seated themselves in our place. Gertrude, slightly hypoglycemic, approached the ladies and explained the situation but the ladies were unable to understand English. The waiter approached us all and told them the table was reserved for us. We offered to share but they declined on account of Gertrude being a smoker. Remarkable how quickly they learnt English (seems they were from a country not to far away from England, they were from Wales). The waiter, very good at keeping the peace, reserved them the next available table. Which was right next to ours, how they tut tutted at Gertrudes bad habit, wafting their hats till they blew away in the wind. When Gertrude returned from freshening up, she asked directions to the toillette then became quite forward and requested that Bertha accompany her. Bertha, with impeccable manners, declined her invitation to which she became offensive again. We paid our bill and left promptly hoping to avert an international incident.

Having completed out window shopping we headed once more towards the beach. Its a fabulous place to watch the world go by. Today we were amused by the motorised skateboards, entertained by the DLT band again and watched with merriment as the police moved on the hooky men selling their wares.

We returned to the hotel late in the afternoon for a siesta before returning to our favourite restaurant for our last evening meal in Barcelona.

We discovered there had been an earthquake in Spain during our visit, Gertrude had thought it was Bertha snoring!
We had also missed the tall ships returning on Thursday night.

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