Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The End

Tribidado taken from le Predera
Our last night in Barcelona saw  a wonderful thunderstorm and copious amounts of rain. We managed to sleep through it and Sunday morning broke sunny and fresh. We were to have nearly a full day in Barcelona our flight wasn't until 10.00pm. We needn't vacate the room til 12.00 midday. So a late breakfast was enjoyed, sir prancelot performed mercilessly . Then back to the room to pack.
How Gertrude had turned that lovely hotel room into a pig sty. As each pile of clothes, toiletries, bags, shoes, sweets, bought items, were sorted some packed some discarded. We eventually completed our task and flopped on the bed for a final rest.
We arranged for the taxi to collect us at 7.00pm, stored our suitcases at the hotel til that event, whilst enduring the prattlings of a group of  elderly Americans. A hotel receptionist job is not always easy.

At midday  we decided a short train ride to the station nearest the port then a leisurely stroll stopping for lunch, paella, then a short walk to our favourite bench and hope our favourite band would be playing.

We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon.

Returning to our hotel we stopped at a cake shop with the most amazing display of meringues in the window. Two were purchased a strawberry and a chocolate, mmmm.
 Whilst devouring our purchase we spotted a troupador waiting outside the metro station. It wasn't long before he was joined by some companions. A troupe of troupador's how fabulous.

We returned to the hotel for our taxi. There were to be 3 other pick ups and we started off for the first. We spent what seemed ages going up and down streets only to be stopped by the police or barricades. Eventually the reason why became apparent.
It was the demonstration from yesterday continued. Our transport sharers were not amused. We would be late for our plane! We exchanged holiday experiences. They had been to the stadium had seen the cup brought back to Barcelona, had only seen this wonderful city from the top of a tourist bus! Not one of them had seen any celeb's joined the march, been aware of any of Gaudii's work other than Segrada. How they had missed much of Barcelona.

We were a little late for check in, however, fortunately/unfortunately the flight was postponed, then cancelled, then postponed then late and a little after midnight we left Barcelona.
Till Next time