Sunday, July 24, 2011


This morning our breakfast was marred only by the waiter, sir prancelot, spending far too much time preening rather than replenishing the buffet. After several attempts to get a second cup we decided to retire to our room for it.
The rest of the day was tranquil and serene.
On the underground journey we were serenaded by a man playing accordion. We didn't make eye contact or tap our feet in approval which made us look more like locals and less like tourists. We discussed how easy it was to make a living from the streets. The man pretending to be blind whilst selling paper hankies seemed a better option for making a living for the musically challenged. Alternative way of making a living will be necessary for our gap year.

We were soon on the train heading out of Barcelona. It was interesting to see the landscape unfold. All the allotments along the rail track and the sculptured mountains in the distance. The mountains surrounding Montserrat are truly spectacular and the abbey/church/monastery at the top was well worth the journey. We queued to see the black Madonna and child. Graciously said our prayers. After a picnic lunch we strolled back to the funicular for our journey home.
On the train home we noticed we were sharing a compartment with Bette Midler and Dustin Hoffman!!!

We had had an incident free day and back at the hotel rewarded ourselves with a late siesta.

For this evening promenade we turned right, an inclination we hadn't followed until now. We discovered only a few doors from us 3 restaurants and 2 corner shops. Continuing we came across 4 night clubs, 2 for adults only and 1 for members only all brightly neon lit. By the time we had reached the 3rd street away a whole array of restaurants there for our choosing. Again too much was ordered and when not another morsel could be swallowed we admitted defeat and the excess was carefully wrapped in a doggy bag. The jug of sangria was savoured a little longer and when completely empty we staggered the few streets back and collapsed after another most enjoyable day.
Interesting observation
Outside water fountains are highly decorated and often used. Whilst a gentleman was filling his empty bottle today Bertha was quite shocked thinking it was an outdoor urinal!!!

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